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A Dad From Canada Did It With Just A Few Spins and A Phone

Regina man wins $70M, making him Sask.’s largest ever lotto winner

Dale McEwen becomes part of 6-month stretch of winners of $1M or more


Dale McEwen from Regina won a $70-million jackpot in the April 1 Lotto Max draw.




McEwen said he and his family were traveling through Dunmore, Alta., on April 1 when they purchased a lotto ticket for that night’s draw at a Co-op gas station.

The next night, he checked the numbers on a lottery app while waiting for dinner and found he had won the jackpot. He shared the news with his partner right away.

“We were trying to figure out if it was real,” McEwen said in a statement shared with CBC News.

“We sat there dumbfounded for a while. We didn’t know what to do, so I signed the ticket right away and then we called the phone number on the back.”

A Regina man has claimed the largest ever lotto jackpot in Saskatchewan. Dale McEwen won the $70 million Lotto Max after purchasing a lotto ticket for April 1 draw at a Co-op gas station in Dunmore, Alta.

McEwen said he plans to use the money to help his family, travel and upgrade “a few things.”

McEwen’s jackpot is the single largest won in Saskatchewan and in the Western Canadian lotto region. He becomes part of a six-month stretch of million-dollar-plus winners from the province.

From October 2021 to April 2022, Saskatchewan people have won more than $200 million in lotto jackpots, a fact sheet from Sask. Lotteries said.

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