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Official Elon Musk Bought Twitter For $44 billion bid to Defeat Spam Bots

The extravagant billionaire Elon Musk (Twitter) officially validated his accord with Twitter so far, appearing on a social network. Launch the platform for an environment of 44 billion dollars. Concerning the freedom of expression, Musk criticized Twitter, saying that the moderators were interviewing. “Freedom of expression is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digitally public place that debates vital questions for the sake of humanity,” the billionaire Elon Musk said in a Twitter post.

“I want to render Twitter better that Jamaica amplifies the product with new functionalities, rendering open source algorithms to augment the confusion, combining spammers and identifying robots to humans. Twitter has a huge potential – it’s great “work with the company and the community of users to unblock,” said Elon Musk (Twitter). During a TED Talk conference, the billionaire explicitly wants the platform algorithm to be an open-source model for greater transparency. In particular, this permits being used entirely by its users for any wire or tweet comment apparatus in their current state. According to him, this model is preferable to “the mysterious promotion and retrograde of tweets without which the bag will pass”. In a tweet, Musk also promotes “spam bots”.

However, since he entered the Twitter CA, Musk has been debating the “modifier” function. Twitter announces it works on this function, and launches a test period this month. According to Twitter crews, it has the “most requested from annuities” function.

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