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2020 NFL : Why there is no ‘Thursday Night Football’

2020 NFL : Why there is no ‘Thursday Night Football’


Officially, every week in the NFL starts with Thursday Night Football, except week 6.
Owing to the amount of scheduling changes the league has made, there will not be a game tonight.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19.Tonight, the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills were initially expected to face each other.The Bills, however, faced the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday, which was last Sunday’s initially scheduled game.Due to the Titans facing a COVID-19 outbreak, this game has been changed.

The Chiefs and Bills will, instead, battle at 5 p.m. on Monday, October 19.
ET.The et.The initial Monday night football match for Week
6, Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys, will be followed.
Disappointing losses are reported by the Chiefs and Bills
but are still at the top of their respective divisions.
Bills head coach Sean McDermott is excited to face Andy Reid, head coach of the Chiefs.
When they were both on the coaching staff for the Philadelphia Eagles, McDermott worked under Reid.

McDermott told reporters Wednesday via Chiefs Wire, “I ‘m sure he wants
to kick my butt and we’re going to want to do the same.”
I mean, the only thing that I know about Andy is that the summer is the summer, and the season is the season.So, when we face each other, we face each other hard, and then we’re friends before and after the game.We have mutual respect and good relationship, I guess.

As for Reid, he hopes it is possible for the Chiefs to get back on track.
Reid said he was not pleased after the loss to the Oakland
Raiders that the team was giving up explosive games and committing costly penalties.
“At the end of the game, I try to give them real insights,” Reid said, through the Kansas City Star.
And it was the penalties and the big games that were real.
However, they got the big plays (and) we need to correct them no matter how we committed the penalties-so that ‘s what ‘s true.

Monday night’s Chiefs and Bills game will air on Fox, as the game was expected to be televised tonight.The call will be made by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, while Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink report from the sideline.With Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer on request,the game will also air on Amazon Prime.


Thursday Night Football.

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