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Six-Year-Old Superhero Receives 90 Stitches Saving Little Sister From Vicious Dog Attack

Six-Year-Old Superhero Receives 90 Stitches Saving Little Sister From Vicious Dog Attack !

In today’s turbulent news feeds from around the world we don’t often see exciting stories with happy endings about heroic people doing amazing selfless things for others. In an incredible turn of events on July 9th this year, a brave and daring six year old boy rescued his four-year-old sister from a ferocious dog attack and wound up with a face full of cuts, bruises and stitches, ninety stitches to be exact.

Bridger Walker, a six-year-old boy from Wyoming, USA, put himself in harm’s way when a one-year-old German Shepherd mix charged towards his younger sister as they played in the backyard of a friend’s house, according to the boy’s aunt.

According to Bridger, his friend pointed to the dog and warned it was mean just before the dog decided to run and lunge at his sister.

Nikki Walker, the boy’s aunt, gave a detailed account of the incident on Instagram along with pictures of the two siblings.

According to the aunt’s account, Bridger stood between his sister and the dog as the dog approached her. At which time the dog jumped and latched onto Bridger’s face. Ignoring the severity of his injuries, he managed to grab his sister’s hand and run with her to a spot in the yard where he felt they would be safe from the dog.

Bridger received ninety stitches on his face and was treated by a plastic surgeon. His aunt said he is home now recovering from the incident. The surgery lasted about two hours.

Bridger’s aunt quoted her nephew as saying, “If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me”. In her social media post about the incident she also said she was going to tag actors who play superhero characters in the Hollywood franchise Avengers movies to let them know her nephew has joined their ranks as a young brave hero. Admittedly, she did not expect the message to reach the actors.

Much to the family’s amazement, several major Hollywood stars responded to her posts offering praises for Bridger’s valiant act of pure selflessness.

Mark Rufallo, A list actor who plays The Hulk in the Avengers series, took the time to write a thoughtful post to Bridger via social media saying, “Real courage is knowing what is right to do and doing it even when it might end up hurting you somehow”. He added, “You are more of man than many, many I have seen or known”.

Academy Award winner, Anne Hathaway, posted about Bridger on Facebook saying, “I’m not an Avenger, but I know a superhero when I see one”.

NBC News reported that Chris Evans, Captain America in the Avengers movies, appeared in character on a viral social media video offering accolades for the boy’s bravery. He tells Bridger that he is going to send him an authentic Captain America shield because he deserves it. In a side by side video Briger can be seen watching Evans on a tablet while wearing a Captain America costume and his face appears to be healing well underneath the mask, certainly a moving image.

Zachary Levi, the Hollywood actor who plays Shazam, said on a social media post that the boy is an “ACTUAL hero”.

Bridger’s parents told NBC News the only time the boy cried was when receiving an IV at the hospital. They wanted to share his story with the world to help cheer him up. Seeing Bridger on social media, it is apparent the attention he is receiving is helping him maintain high spirits through an arduous recovery.

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